Aural delights

This post is going to be about game music I’ve recently bought.

The Elder Scrolls Online soundtrack

I picked up The Elder Scrolls Online soundtrack for a smashing £7.49, which considering there are 47 tracks on the two and a half hour long album, isn’t completely bad value for money. Admittedly half of tracks last between 1 to 2 minutes, very incidental pieces when placed next to the 6 minute long set pieces whose aim is to enhance thoughts of certain in-game locations.

Many of the in game lore tracks feature Malukah who rose to fame after recording a cover of “The Dragonborn Comes” amongst others, she also has a cameo in the game as a bard.
You can hear one of the tracks below and you can download it here

This track is only 1:47 long but is often one of the first I hear on entering Cyrodiil for a spot of PvP, it’s great for getting you into the mood for battle.


I finally completed Super Giant’s Transistor, which was fantastic. I was worried that the game was going to be too similar to Bastion but despite the camera angle and art work the game mechanics are different enough to game this game unique.

The soundtrack is rather awesome again featuring the talents of Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, the music features multiple instruments including harps, accordions, guitars, mandolins and electric piano. As with Bastion the music is designed to fit into the story and flows differently depending on what is going on. In an interview over at the Playstation blog, Darrren tells how all the music was created in his apartment even to the point where the vocals were all recorded in his closet (source).

You can find the whole soundtrack on bandcamp and Youtube if you fancy a listen:

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I have been waiting for this game and tracking it’s development for what feels like years, after enjoying the first game and knowing the same duo would be working on the soundtrack it made the wait even longer.So with it firmly in my grasp I dug out my 360 controller and settled in for a few hours of gameplay last night.

So far I’m only two hour into the title, it really didn’t disappoint. As with Bastion the atmosphere is wonderful and the is music weaved expertly into the gameplay and the the commentary different in nature to that of Bastion still helps paint a picture.
The mechanics are nicely explained in the first 60 seconds doing away with a tutorial style introduction and throwing you into the thick of the action.

I’ll not go into the ins and outs of the game as there are many other places writing about them, plus I’ll not want to spoil your experience.

More as I process through the game.


Transistor is nearly here

The follow up game to Supergiant’s game Bastion is due out next month and I’m very excited. The game is another RPG but with a Sci-Fi theme and the artwork has a very Art Deco feel to it, while still keeping the isometric view.

The female protagonist called is a popular singer called Red who comes into possession of a mysterious large blue sword and ends up being pursued but forces that seemingly want to capture it and her for reasons unknown.

transistor_logoSupergiant Games have decide to step away from Warner Bros. and are looking to publish the game themselves, which considering they game is funded by them as well is a big step for an “indie” studio.

This title mimics the last as it also features the musical talents of Darren Korb and vocals of Ashley Barrett, the work of whom made Bastion a very enjoyable experience.
The song on the trailer is a great taster of what I expect to hear in Transistor.

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