Gaming in 2008

Sadly over the past few months there appears to be a massive problem of cheaters in my all-time favourite game Planetside. Sadly the problem hasn’t been combated as SOE first indicated it would. There are a few reason that for this, maybe it’s difficult to track those using software to cheat, or perhaps the revenue from these players is in the end money and why would they want to ban accounts of perhaps half of the remaining players.

A saddening fact but one that me and my fellow clan members feel is the most likely.

What for our clan in online games in the future.

It seems alot of people are waiting for Warhammer to either send them a Beta invite or be released. In the meantime there are loads of different games that has drawn my gaming friends attention.
These has included Dark age of Camelot/ Everquest 2  and more recently Lord of the Rings online.

Can Warhammer be the title that can take and existing game type and and existing highly detailed universe and combine them into a Multiplayer RPG game succesfully. But how can this success be judged?

Do we judge based on the number of accounts like WoW does? Surely indicating active and inactive accounts isn’t required, right?
Do we match it up with Tabula Rasa? Sadly the would be flagship for scifi/mmorpg games of the future didn’t quite live up to the hype.

I think that WAR will be judged by comparisions to existing games and that is the important point, Is the game able to provide something that can pull in hundreds of thousand of players yet still remain original and unique in the ever-changing world of Online gaming.

As for me I’ve been quite happy playing the City of games as I feel there is enough diversity for my attention not to wander too much, I also like to jump on Planetside/ World in Conflict or Guild wars if i want a change of pace.

There are a few promising titles in the pipelines sadly none of them aimed at replacing planetside, but they look good all the same.