Game Jams

This year I decided to sign up for a game jam that I spotted on Twitter that had been retweeted by Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games.

WeekSauce ( is a monthly Jam that strips away a lot of the barriers that make taking part in normal jams achievable.

We made Week Sauce for the people that want an easy, laid-back way to practice making games, get better at their craft, get out of a rut or a creative block, and try new things without fear.

This means :

    • No set days or weekend, you can work on it when you like within the month time frame.
    • Up to 7 Days development (doesn’t include publishing time).
    • Doesn’t only cover digital games, you could make a Board game, Card game or Role Playing game.
    • Use whatever tools, libraries, engines, or programming languages you prefer. You can Reuse code, buy assets instead of creating them.

Januarys Game was for me a first stab and discovery exercise more than anything else. Relearning a framework that I had only looked at briefly, discovering  extra library information and tool kits.
Admittedly I didn’t start the first Jam until mid Jan so was working on reduced time, however I learnt a lot about creating a game.

Februarys game was actually very fun to work on and I felt that I achieved more in the Jam now I had a solid grip on using Love2D framework.
I had the core mechanics decided very early on and they were completed quite quickly into the project.

You can check out my February game here :