Anti-spam captcha in place

After quite a bit of learning and creating the custom code needed is finally using ReCaptcha.

An interresting point was the delay I had between switching version, during those 20 minutes I managed to get four spam comments posted. those bots must be working extra hard over the bank holiday weekend.

For a quick overview of the new reCAPTCHA I've put a quick picture that explains the functionality.


Well here it comes again

I'm back to revive my blog once again.

It's been a very busy couple of months with lots going on and I didn't really feel in the mood to write in my blog for reasons explained below.

As of the 29th of February my employment with Lloyds TSB ended after a 9 and half years with my job being offshored. The past 4 months have been very odd and difficult there is something slightly depressing about training someone else to do your job.

So anyway in the next few months I plan to get some things in the house completed, I have lots of training to wade through and hopefully slot some driving lessons and test into the equation when possible, Oh and looking for a new job. Busy me!

I shall be keeping my blog updated a little more too.

Merry PGP

Well as 2007 draws to a close I thought i'd post a quick note. The last year was quiet a busy year for me yet the site still got some updates. And towards the end of the year the pace was much improved.

So thanks to those that have visited and those that commented in the past year, I hope you'll rejoin me in 2008 for what looks set to be an extremely different year for me.

So in the words of Bill Bailey:
Merry Primary Gifting Period and a happy Auxiliary Generosity Zone.