WBN 2014

Yay World book night is almost here again. This is my 3rd year as a giver and the number of books to given out has shrunk to 18, which to be honest isn’t a bad thing as I’d had trouble giving away the last few of each box so hopefully this year I’ll run out completely.

This year I’m giving away After the Funeral by Agatha Christie which is a great book that typifies Christies in-depth characters and fantastic plot twists.

imagePlot summary: With no heir to the family fortune, descendants of Richard Abernethie have gathered to hear the reading of the will. When his sister suggests that his death wasn’t natural and she ends up dead, the original death is examined a little more closely when the family solicitor calls on Hercule Poirot to help solve the mystery.


An interesting fact about this story is that the role of Poirot was replaced with Miss Marple by MGM in the 1963 film starring Margaret Rutherford, the name was also changed to Murder at the Gallop.

I struggled with this years book choices as on previous lists there have been more than one I would have been happy with. This time around the Agatha Christie novel was the only one I would be happy recommending to people who don’t read much. I believe that the format of selection was changed for this years book shortlist so many that’s why I felt it lacking in choice.

Do you ever read any of the books you burn?

You may remember earlier this year I mentioned that I was a giver as part of World Book Night, so I thought it only fair to bring to your attention the nomination process for next year’s books.

You can register, then start nominating books you’d like to see featured in World Book Night 2013 but be quick as it’s only open until the end of August. If you are not sure on what to nominate then the WBN site says to try and nominate 10 books that you love to read and which you think will be enjoyed by reluctant readers.

A list of the books will be finalised and published in October and the application form to become a giver will also be opened up, should you want to apply to share some books.

If you are interested in what books have already been nominated there is an interactive top 100 list that is dynamically updated.

The title was of course a nod to Ray Bradburys dystopian classic.

World Book Night

This year I applied to be a giver as part of World Book Night, I was successful and today I picked up the 24 copies of Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman.

The aim is to distribute 1 million books between hospitals, prisons, care homes & communities and to ultimately share the joy of reading. Each year 25 books are chosen and “givers” are tasked with giving away 24 copies of their selected book to those who don’t regularly read.

Each book has a code that can be entered onto the WBN website and tracked, once finished and tracked readers are encouraged to give the the book to someone they think may enjoy it.

I have not long completed the task of writing the details into the first page of each book and they are all ready to be handed out. I’m a little freaked out as on paper 24 books sounded easy but now they are in my house I’m not so sure. But I remain hopeful that I can hand out all of them before the 23rd April which is when World Book Night is celebrated.