Jumping Ship

Since NCSoft closed the City of franchise, a number of projects have risen from the ashes with the hope to allow those ex-players to find a new home

These are the projects that are in flight that are considered spiritual successors to City of Heroes\Villains:

  • City of Titans
  • Valiance Online
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Ship of Heroes

I have been keeping an eye on these titles, watching videos as the are released and screenshots when possible, I’ve been on the fence for the most part as these games look nice but nothing was grabbing me in the same way as City of did.

Last week I had the pleasure watching a stream from Massively OP that was talking with the folks from Ship Of Heroes, there was a lot of information and development ideas given. I have to say I was very impressed, there was a Q & A taking place in the chat and nearly all the answers were how I would want a Superhero game to work.

One of the ideas that I hadn’t really understood was the idea of the space-ark (ship) and that the game looks to move away completely from a planetary bound MMO. This leads to multiple levels of the ship to explore and each having unique elements to it.

I’d like to see how SoH progresses between now and when they launch a client for folks to test with, I have to admit that so far it’s piqued my interest more than any other spiritual successor has.

You can watch the video of the stream here

Un Effort Titanesque

One of the two City of Heroes fan driven games has launched it’s Kickstarter in the last 24 hours and at the time of writing this it’s achieved 30% of it’s target goal of $320,000.

Like many others Rachy and I were completely gutted when NCSoft closed a game that held a rather special place in our gaming history and hearts. So these games look to harness the spirit CoH rather than just cloning it.

I guess some of you will have already seen the video or even supported the Kickstarter, but I wanted to mention a few points about the project and Kickstarter that make it more humble in it’s goal.

The team is made up from volunteers who are pouring their own time into this project and while they provide that on top on their normal life commitments, it’s not that practical to expect them to stump up the money for many the software and toolsets they need. That is where Phoenix Project  hope Kickstarting will deliver them the tools needed to carry the development of City of Titans forward,

Of course the catch is as soon as the KickStarter is completed, the Unreal Engine that is being used automatically deems Kickstarter funds as Revenue and will take a cut of the pie for licensing. So part of the funds go just to cover that cost.

I wish the folks at Missing Worlds Media all the luck in the world and we will be supporting wherever possible.